The DSO Nano

DSO Nano

No.  The DSO Nano is not a pocket music player.  Yes.   It is a digital oscilloscope.  A very tiny one, too, as the name implies.  And, it is a cheap – maybe inexpensive it a better term –  one as well.   It comes from a company called Seeed Technologies.

Looking for cheap, then DSO Nano might be the one

If you want to spend about $89 for a one input oscilloscope this may be the one.   This little featherweight instrument will be suitable for relatively low speed applications such as examining a serial port communications line,  pulse-width modulation process or checking out an analog to digital converter.  But, since it is only one channel it cannot display two pulse trains at the same time nor show them in sync.

Search for DSO Nano on Google brings interesting results

Actually,  there is so much interest in this little fellow that when you google for “DSO Nano” a long list of commentary comes up.  One that I liked was a Youtube video showing how it is packaged, how to load up the battery, turning it on and simple uses.  This video runs for almost 10 minutes.  Find it at and enjoy a pleasant viewing of the little fellow.

For a hand-held scope that can snuggle right down near the circuit being tested it may fill a need when you cannot afford the big Tektronix or other full-size instrument.  It seems to be very useful, inexpensive and endlessly attractive.   It may be that you would want it just for the coolness of its unique design and novelty.  Here is a picture showing the smiling little display.

The pocket size DSO Nano Oscilloscope

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