The Most Expensive Oscilloscopes on the Market?

I don’t know the most “expensive” oscilloscope – either digital or analog.  But, this I do know:  There are many that go over $10,000 each.   Special series with add-ons and custom features can push prices way up there.

Tektronix is known for its broad line of scopes.  They are truly professional instruments and are often thought of as the king of the business.   Here is an example of one of their high priced models – not the highest, mind you, but one that might typify a high end user where features and performance are important.

The Tektronix MSO3054 Mixed Signal Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope, 500 MHz, 2.5 GS/s, 1M record length, 4+16-ch, Color Display is such a unit.  Its full list of specifications can be seen at:

The Test Equipment Depot has this model listed at a starting price of $15,200.00.  This model is modest in size and high on performance and is a contrast to the older large scale models that ride around on a cart.   This one is so small it will easily carry in a brief case or set on a work bench without taking up too much footprint space.

Here is a picture of the cute little fellow:

Tektronix MS03054 It is approximately  8″ by 16″ by 5″ (HWD) and weighs in at around 9 lbs.

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