Who Uses a Digital Oscilloscope?

The Digital oscilloscope are not easy to categorize from a classical marketing point of view.  Doing market research in the electronic instruments field is not a well known subject.  Knowing what is needed in the field and what would sell is always difficult for the product development experts.  Developing a sales strategy, identifying the sales channel and knowing how to get in the right distribution space is no easy task.

Trade shows, technical conventions, Internet and newsletters from technical societies is where one begins the journey, perhaps.

Based on the great proliferation of brands and models it would cause one to assume the market is wide and deep.  And, it probably is, at least from the standpoint of the market dynamics and array of potential users.   Here are a few of the users that come to my mind as I just think openly about those with whom I have had personal experience.

Digital Oscilloscope Application Areas and Fields

Electronics (of course, for design of circuits, for example)


Measuring and Metering, flow and mixing analysis (such as the energy field)

Electric power industry (Smart Grid is coming!)

Manufacturing and production environment – all areas

Automotive – design, manufacturing and testing

College and University laboratories

Broadcasting – monitoring of transmission signals

IT –  Server management, traffic, concentration, density

Media – Movie industry, Hollywood, Disney Imagineering



And, perhaps you could add to the list.

The digital oscilloscope is a very useful instrument….

It can be supposed that more and more uses and applications will be forthcoming as the global industrial space grows more technologically oriented.

A digital oscilloscope can be useful in so many ways.

Think of the digital oscilloscope as a tool for converting the unseen characteristics of the electric world into a graphic presentation that tells one what is going on at the electronic, electromagnetic, photovoltaic, magnetorestrictive or motion movement level.

This is not a scientifically arrived at count, just an educated guess on my part, but I would say there are over 25 brands or manufacturers of digital oscilloscopes representing around 150 models ranging in prices from under $100USD to several thousand dollars USD.

A digital oscilloscope  is a great contribution to the world.

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